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Join us on this journey as we navigate the future, fully globalized and committed to pioneering success in the digital era.

Revolutionizing Business with Blockchain Innovation

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At OnchainLabs, our vision is to revolutionize how businesses and brands harness the power of blockchain technology to drive innovation, transparency, and trust in their products and services.

We envision a future where blockchain solutions seamlessly integrate into every aspect of business, empowering organizations to optimize processes, enhance security, and unlock new growth opportunities.

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Through our cutting-edge services and passion for modern technology, we strive to be the premier partner for businesses seeking to leverage blockchain's transformative potential, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and democratised world.


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Future Roadmap

Embarking on a visionary journey

Our roadmap for 2024 is marked by company registration and initial client projects. As we transition through the year, expect revenue growth, team expansion, and a strategic shift to operate as a dynamic 'Labs' entity in 2025, unlocking exciting opportunities.

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Q1 2024
Company registration and signing first clients

We've officially registered and hit a significant milestone by signing our first client projects. We're currently in talks for two more, and plenty of prospects ar on the horizon. It's an exciting start, showing our dedication and the increasing interest in what we have to offer. This journey is just beginning, and we're ready for the ride ahead.

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Q2 2024
First revenue

We will be entirely focused on onboarding more clients to grow our revenues. Furthermore, we are keen to launch our project "Promotly," which will revolutionize the influencer marketing world.

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Q3/4 2024
Team expansion

Fueling growth, our team will expand, welcoming diverse talents to enhance innovation and strengthen our capabilities for upcoming challenges

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Operate as a “Labs” type company with multiple tech teams executing client projects and generating opportunities beyond consulting fees.

Team members

Get to Know the Amazing People behind OnchainLabs

At OnchainLabs, we've redefined the way we work, transcending geographical boundaries to foster a truly globalized environment. Our innovative work culture adapts to the evolving landscape, enabling seamless collaboration across the world.
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Florian Ehrbar
Chief Executive Officer
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Naemi Hügli
Chief Financial Officer
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Frederik Kragh
Chief Product Officer
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Pedro Barrera
CTO / Blockchain Lead
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Melih Ergundogdu
Social Media and Community Manager
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Angel del Rio Lobato
Data Analyst and DevOps Lead